San Francisco based singer/songwriter/alien-hybrid on the prowl for playmates and collaborators in creative pursuits.  Open to blending and lending talents for individual, partnered and group projects.  Down to dabble in music, art, film and theatrical productions.


Current Projects

The Gelatinous State: Baby CD

Scary Cow Productions



It's no longer very unusual for a band to feature a horn section, multiple percussionists, and a DJ using a pair of turntables as an instrument. What is kind of unusual is for the man on the decks to be the bandleader, but that's the arrangement that J Boogie has been working with for years, and he makes it work very well. Among other things, it gives him tremendous stylistic flexibility, and his live sets and recordings careen joyfully and with deceptive ease from nu-soul to Latin funk to deep dub without ever breaking a sweat.

On Undercover, the group's sound has only become deeper and richer, drawing on a broad roster of guest vocalists and rappers (Afrolicious, Chrys-Anthony, MC Zulu, and the Mamaz all make brilliant cameo appearances) to give the celebrated J Boogie groove that much more traction. Take, for example, the song "It's on Fire," which by all rights should be a completely disposable "we sure know how to party" throwaway, but is made compelling by Lateef the Truthspeaker's joyful rapping, J Boogie's squidgy synths and dubwise touches, and the band's razor-sharp horn section. Or the skanking rap en español of "El Ritmo." Or the booming, bouncing, sexy '80s funk groove of "Magik," a track that sounds like Lisa Lisa as produced by Herbie Hancock with an 808 bass. The fact is, there isn't a bum track anywhere on this album. To listen to it is to completely rethink the appropriateness of fedoras in the 21st century. Brilliant.


Rick Anderson

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Oakland producer Drunken Monkey and San Francisco vocalist Chrys-Anthony have combined forces to create a dazzling work with an inimitable sound. The title track, “Diggin’ Pony,” explodes with Chrys-Anthony’s signature primal scream and Jeff “DJ F” Straw’s saxophone blasts. Jazzy, funky, and soulful, the Diggin’ Pony EP boasts a force to be reckoned with. Drunken Monkey’s production pulls you out of your seat and Chrys-Anthony’s stylings hold a gripping depth similar to Cee-Lo Green’s.


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